Old’s Cool is nestled in a lovely residential hub in East York. It is a corner front building that has a 100 year history of commerce. We have tried to retain parts of that history by restoring and showcasing artifacts found in the building, this includes: the 100 year old tin roof, the 80 year old cash register and the 60 year old butcher block (from when the store was a butchery/grocer in the 1950’s).

Community members have been gracing us with unique vintage family heirlooms, now on display at Old’s Cool: the 150 year old spinning loom, the 1908 Singer Sewing Machine, the pre-electricity heaters and radios and many other historical treasures.

old is cool!

About the Store

At The Old’s Cool General Store we have decided to resurrect some of the old practices of general stores as well, such as fostering neighborhood talent and using trade and barter. We have several talented neighbors who now sell their creations at our store, you will find many one of a kind items here.

We carry a wide range of products from groceries to novelty toys, starting local but also scouring the international landscape to bring the best of the world to our little neighborhood. In terms of food, our grocery list keeps expanding. We try to bring in locally sourced and organic options, but understand the desire for a good old bag of sour cream and onion chips!

Finally, we have a great cup of organic fair trade coffee accompanied by local baked goods that will blow your mind. We welcome you to come and say hello to us at the Old’s Cool General Store. We hope that you will stay and have a coffee or a treat, and that once you get to know us, we will be friends for life.

The Top-5 Reasons to Come to Old’s Cool:

  1. We’re more than a convenience store, we’re a general store! We have loads of cool stuff ranging from board games to peanut butter to hand-made pillow cases and cards.
  2. We’re more than a general store, we’re a community hub! We believe in local businesses and we want to become an important part of the fabric of this neighbourhood. We are open to holding different kinds of events, gatherings and activities that will enrich our community… so if you have ideas or want to be involved just let us know!
  3. We’re really cool! We’re not hipsters or anything; we’re just nice, funny, energetic, quirky, talented people. You can feel free to come in anytime to peruse the store or chat with us. Our hope is that you’ll come in to the store often and buy items regularly. If enough people do that, we can run a viable local business and provide great community benefits to the neighbourhood!
  4. We’re not just local, we’re hyper-local! We carry some great products made my people in the community. From unbelievable Jerk Sauce to locally-sourced hand creams, we sell a variety of goods made by your neighbours… come check them out!
  5. Our prices are competitive! Our prices for many standard goods are on par with chain stores. We aren’t able to buy in massive bulk quantities, but we also don’t have huge overhead and corporate costs that we need to cover. Come on in and test out our prices!

hours of operation

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm
Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm


250 Westlake Avenue
East York, Ontario
M4C 4T4