Saturday July 29th: 3-7pm

Community Strength is the theme of our event this coming Saturday. We really hope you will join us ESPECIALLY for the Playback Theatre. I promise it’s one of the coolest things you will experience this year! It’s great fun for the whole familia.

Please Share with EveryOne you know!

Also, if you are a COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION and want to share info. Please bring it we will have lots of table space and welcome any info that supports community strength!!!!!!!!!!


This will be a potent show.

We’ll be stoking the fires of connection by asking audience members to share stories of the power of community.

Of course, we will hear all kinds of stories. Likely those of loss and isolation, as well as, those of learning to reach out and trust and being part of a larger web of life. Stories of strength and vulnerability. Of laughter, celebration and joy, as well as, those of estrangement and longing. Playback is to get to the heart of the matter, your truth. So, we’ll be brave and surrender to whatever comes up.

You with us?


What is Playback Theatre?

Playback Theatre is a community event where audience members share true stories which a troupe of actors and musicians playback through the magic of theatre!

Do I have to share something about myself and participate?

No. It is completely optional. Given that the content of Playback comes from the audience, we may ask you if you wish to share a story. YET, we only encourage you to share and participate after you feel safe and ready to do so. You can always watch and enjoy the playback of other people’s stories that you see. We always appreciate audience members.

What is the fee?

It will be pay-what-you-want, to help us raise money for a new Eastside Playback Community!

Old's Cool General Store - Community Strength Event flyer

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